Under the Night’s Eye

Note: I am not sure what brought on this piece of oddment, but having written it, I couldn’t resist the temptation to post it. Credits go out to the “Wolf’s Rain” anime and Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” Series.

The wolf gazed into the heavens. The lone white eye was awake tonight, contemptuous in its unblinking gaze. With an enormous effort, he resisted the urge to howl his defiance into the night. It would not do to give away his presence to any unwary prey; hunting was hard enough when the eye was awake.

He was an outsider here, his grey dappled white fur standing out; something that did not belong in this black charred remnant of a forest. Sudden movement among soot blackened trunks caught his attention, but was ignored after a cursory glance. The squirrel that scampered away would not even begin to sate his appetite. Growling in disgust, he stalked away.

The flow of time had never registered well with him, but he had not fed well since the last time the old eye had been awake, sometimes even having to resort to food that was…not flesh. He was licking at an old wound on his haunch when the smell came to him with the wind. After running from the stench of burned wood that had nearly crippled his best asset for such a long time, he gloried in this new scent. It had the tang of fear and fatigue in it. He slavered.

Muscles tense, the wolf prowled towards the scent. The temptation to bound towards the awaiting hunk of flesh was overwhelming. But his long years without a pack had made him cautious. Beyond a fallen trunk,  at the base of yet another, lay a huddled body. With hooves. This was easy prey. Then, the wind shifted. Alarmed by the predator’s scent, the doe sprang up, Too late. Fangs bared, the wolf pounced.

The following dawn found the grey predator licking his bloody chops. Hunger sated, he had survived the gaze of the night’s one eye yet again.


One thought on “Under the Night’s Eye

  1. A very descriptive narration indeed, especially the one where you mentioned the full moon as night’s one eye. I could almost play out the whole scene in my mind. 🙂

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