How Gigil ‘discovered’ Roads

Once upon a time, there was a young lad named Gigil. He was a pretty awesome chap and all, but just awesome was he? That, is yet another story. For now, i will tell how he came to ‘discover’ roads. By now, I am sure the indignant reader is exclaiming: “Discover Roads!? How the baloney does one discover roads in this day and age? They’re pretty much everywhere you look!” Bear with me. I assure you, you shall not be force fed baloney against your wishes.

So yes, Gigil, like most people,thought he knew all there was to know about roads. He looked out his window and saw people going about their business, cars whizzing past, maybe a dog or two yipping and even the occasional flying elephant. ( hey, he was an imaginitive kid! Awesome, right? ) And his brain thought : “Same old, Same old “. His present day brain would have quipped: ” Meh….”

But one fine morning, that all changed. Wait, something’s off here. Yeah, it wasnt morning. It was nighttime and our mindbogglingly awesome protagonist was having trouble sleeping. So, he decided to look out the window(it was waaaay past young Gigil’s bedtime). Little did he know that in doing so, he was going to change the course of the rest of his life. (Allright, allright the rest of his night, if not life) The view that greeted him from outside made him think: “Heaven on a chopstick! I need to see this!”. So, the brave soul went right out the door and…

Well, long story short, he got a severe scolding from his parents. (yes, FYI, it happens to super awesome people as well) And yes, i know what you folks are dying to find out. What was it that he had seen? Was the misery of being grounded for the week (oh, I didnt mention that, did i?) worth the fleeting glimpse at his coveted view?

Let’s rewind to the moment the door opens: Our hero finds himself confronted by a vista completely alien to him. For a moment, the brain that boasts out-thinking even the legendarily cunning grumpy cat at times ceases to function ( Note: I am not talking about the internet phenomenon that is Grumpy Cat. This particular grouch happens to be Gigil’s cousin). What he saw was the street itself.( This is where you insert the standard dramatic music and heavenly light to illuminate the scene,folks. Find the links within your imagination) No longer cluttered by the elements of daytime, the road itself had come alive. Straight ahed it stretched, awash under the light of blinking and beckoning neons: as if cleaving its way throught eternity. The pull was irresistable. Gigil might have gone and had an adventure right then(discovered and befriended an alien or a talking chipmunk or two) had it not been for the hand that chose that very moment to clamp onto his ear very firmly. I leave the long lectures that follow to the reader’s imagination.

Later that night, locked up in his room, sleep evaded our thoroughly chastised but still kinda cool protagonist. Visions of what might lie at the end of the road plagued him. It was a birth of yet another passion. Unbeknown to him, this newly fangled passion would lead him to many an adventure in his college life ( getting chased by the police included ) but that, dear folks, is a story for yet another time.

NOTE FROM BLOGGER: This might be a bit clunky to read, being my first attempt at anything with a note of levity. And i also hope that my frequent deviations from the topic do not detract too much from the reading experience. Also, apologies for any typos. Posting from a cellphone can be a pain.


4 thoughts on “How Gigil ‘discovered’ Roads

  1. Its called the IMAGINATION.. this blog certainly defines it.. the “jumping elephants,talkng chipmunk..”
    great blog indeed..!! 🙂

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