Music of the Magic Castle (Part One)

Imagine: a sky of startling blue. It’s dusk: you can tell from the light; and the stars in the sky burn bright, beaming down at you. There are clouds underneath you. Downy as cotton candy and lined silver in the light of the stars above, you almost feel their soft caress as you take baby steps baklckwards to see what’s below.

It’s a land bathed in the deep blue of dusk. A landscape, perhaps every child has etched in his mind’s eye: Mountains afar, shrouded in clouds from which springs a river, which, serpentine in it’s path, divides the land in two. It’s water glitters silver under the stars, as you move, faster still. A boat, it’s white, unmarked sail hoisted high, cuts through the water. There are hamlets along the bends of the river. From your height, the pinpricks of light from the tiny cottages seem as if a scattering of diamonds. As your eyes trace the river (still moving backwards:faster and faster now) you hear…music.

It’s faint at first, and you wonder if it’s actually there or your mind is giving voice to what your heart wants to hear. But then, it rises, and the pitter patter that is your heart rises along with it to a thunder; and you realize that you know this music. You’ve heard it a hundred times before. You look down at the river, and see what you have been hoping to see: a Castle. It’s reflection shimmers golden on the river, and then you’re past it.

A silver flag fluttering on it’s top and resplendent in golden light, the castle stands proud with it’s cone topped towers and golden windows. The river has passed directly underneath the castle. Fireworks have already started to light up the sky above in every hues of the rainbow; But you don’t need them to know the magical name that this castle belongs to. It’s already started forming in your mind’s eye: Walt Disney.

Within the walls of this castle, dreams come true.


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