I have always found the task of trying to describe myself as remarkably difficult. After all, it is all about perspective. Usually i leave the judging to the others. But a Blogger cant leave his ‘About’ page empty, can he?

I can be very succinctly described as the opposite of the freshly minted Engineer stereotype you might have in mind. No, I am not a fan of death metal bands, I do not stay up nights playing Counter Strike and I absolutely hate it when I am told that as a Bengali, I am supposed to ADORE rice and fish.

Here is what I am actually like:

When I say that I love music: i mean MUSIC (not some hirsute guy screaming his vocal chords out).

Sure i’m a gamer, but i’d rather spend my sleepless nights over DotA or some MMORPG.

At almost 24, fairies, goblins, unicorns and djinns still delight me!
I could read and read the fruits of an author’s imagination and never get tired.

I have discovered the delights of creating. (Yes,i actually do the jumping jack when something I’ve built actually works)

And I equally enjoy travelling(with the right company,mind u)

The list goes on and on but the best part about me is that my imagination just knows no bounds.And always… I Dream…of Silver Wings…


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